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Socio-economic impact evaluation of the project Live With Water

This policy brief presents a new analyzing approach of the changes induced by the strategies for building the resilience of populations to floods, in an urban context. Much research work has been done to measure resilience to climate risks, but, most of it is related to the resilience of rural communities and few are those oriented towards resilience to floods. Whereas, these last years are characterized by very frequent urban floods, due not only to a high concentration of the populations but also to the lawless constructions that can contain this demographic boom, which creates a favorable scope at the coming of the floods (Schaer, C and Hahonou, EK, 2018). The analysis of socioeconomic resilience to floods in urban areas is very important since this type of environment concentrates a large part of the economic activity, and a possible shock could generate impacts on a very large scale, especially on the disadvantaged strata, who mainly operate in the informal sector.

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