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Which factors lead to entry and exit of poverty in the developing countries : a meta-analysis


The literature on the dynamics of poverty identifies numerous factors which impact the probability of an individual or household entering into or exiting from a state of major deprivation. Education, demographics (household size, dependency ratio, etc.), agricultural and non-agricultural assets, the community they live in, etc., are the most cited. But are they the most powerful levers for an individual or household to get out of poverty or avoid falling into it? Can we then conclude that anti-poverty programs are in fact based on rigorous knowledge of factors which have a proven antipoverty capacity? Knowing the factors which promote an exit from poverty and those which prevent an entry into poverty can make it possible to design programs which are based on the most effective levers against this phenomenon. The goal of this paper was to respond to this question applying the meta-analysis approach to results from recent quantitative empirical works on poverty dynamics.

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