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2015_3_Optimal health investment and preference structure

This paper develops a general equilibrium framework to study the role of preference structure (additive, multiplicative and a convex combination of the two) in connecting consumption, health investment, stock of health and capital, and their effects on the wage rate and on productivity. We show that the elasticities of health production, health investment and health […]

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2015_4 – Analyzing the Mobile-Banking Adoption Process among Low-Income Populations: A Sequential Logit Model, in Economics bulletin, Volume 35, Issue 4 – FALL François Seck, KY Yaya, BIRBA Ousmane

The purpose of this study is to uncover the socioeconomic factors that explain the adoption of mobile banking (mbanking), based on data collected from households in the suburbs of Dakar (Senegal). Starting from the hypothesis that adopting an innovation goes through three stages, at each stage we identify the factors that explain adoption. In the […]

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Conférence internationale sur « le développement durable en Afrique »

Jeudi, Novembre 26, 2015 – 08:45 King Fahd Palace hôtel, Dakar-Sénégal L’Institut des Nations Unies pour l’Université de Maastricht recherche économique et sociale sur l’innovation et de la technologie (UNU-MERIT) et le Consortium pour la Recherche Economique et Sociale (CRES) organisent la 2e Conférence internationale sur « le développement durable en Afrique » , qui aura lieu les […]

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